"Why is Italian coffee so good? .. !!

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Italian Coffee

"why is Italian coffee so good? .. !!

All the people who have been to Italy and have had the opportunity to taste it in bars or in the homes of Italian friends or relatives are wondering what makes Italian coffee better than the others…?
But even those who have never tried it are certainly intrigued by its fame and will try to find out what is the secret that makes it so loved all over the world and by everyone ..!
And therefore the answer to the famous question of “What makes Italian coffee so good and so famous?” is divided into several reasons:
The unmistakable flavor of coffee derives mainly from two very important steps in it’s preparation;

First of all, the choice of the various qualities of coffee beans from all over the world

In fact, the coffee beans are selected and purchased by the most prestigious coffee growing countries according to the coffee variety:

For example, for the Robusta variety, the beans can be selected and bought in the main cultivation countries such as: India, Vietnam, Congo, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Togo, Madagascar and Indonesia While for the Arabica variety the beans can be selected and bought in the main cultivation countries such as:
Kenya, Harrar, Gimmar, Brazil, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Colombia, Venezuela …

why is Italian coffee so good

Exactly as you can read, Italy is not among the world coffee producers… !?

In fact, with the exception of a small coffee cultivation in Sicily, there are no other areas of the splendid Italian peninsula that cultivate the coffee plant and therefore the difference that makes Italian coffee and all the other varieties of coffee flavors more famous offered in the world is given by the 4 main processes of coffee production:



1 blending the different coffee beans

In fact, the coffee beans, after having been collected and bought from various different countries, are mixed between different origin of country and also of variety
(Robusta and Arabica) this to get the best from the coffee in fact depending on the blends selected the final product changes : taste, aroma, perfume, strength, acidity,
sweetness, fragrance .. !!
That’s why Italian coffee brands have many different coffee aromas available to their customers, this great choice increases the ability to please customers of all different cultures and countries .. !!

2 roasting the coffee beans

After being blended, the coffee beans are subjected to the roasting process that will change depending on the desired final product.
This process is used to release all the aroma of the coffee and make it ready to be used in espresso machines or moka pots.
Roasting is a real art because it is the level of cooking to which the coffee beans are subjected that determines the final aroma; not reaching the optimal cooking level of the coffee beans is a problem, because you get an acidic coffee with an unpleasant aftertaste.
Subjecting the coffee beans to high temperatures serves to dry them, dehydrate them, and oxidize them.
During roasting, the coffee beans increase their volume and become lighter.

Italian roasting is, even today and despite globalization, an excellence in the world.
A real art, as we said before, handed down by Italian roasters from generation to generation, which can be learned with difficulty abroad.
Roasting is a form of craftsmanship, in some respects, because it is not enough to let the machinery operate but must be monitored and calibrated from time to time.

3 The grinding of the coffee

The other aspect that determines the goodness of the coffee is the grinding.
Once roasted, the coffee beans can be packaged and sold or ground.
Here, according to the type of preparation to which it will then be subjected Capsules, Moka or semi-automatic espresso machines, the coffee is ground with a different fineness …
The grinding from the espresso machine differs from that for the mocha because the mocha coffee has a greater fineness similar to that of the capsules, while that from the espresso machine requires a coarser grain.


The last but not least aspect that determines the goodness of the coffee is the packaging and storage, in fact all the Italian coffee roasters use the most advanced and avant-garde machinery to package the coffee in the best possible way, whether it is prepared for use in pods, for use in pre-ground packs or packs in grains, plus the obsession of the Italians who want to always have the best coffee available wherever they are in the world, has led them to specialize also in the transport and maintenance of coffee wherever it is sent to be consumed….

It is easy to find, buy and enjoy an excellent Italian coffee around the world today ..?

Drinking a good Italian coffee in most of the world today is possible, just trust the producers and retailers of Italian coffee they must be provided with all the licenses and quality certificates that are issued in Italy only after having passed the highest international standards of quality required of every certified producer… !!!!