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Italian Coffee

Factory History

The Factory with which we produce our coffee ‘has a long family history in producing coffee that began in 1961, improved over the years by the family members who have handed down from father to children the secrets the techniques the innovations but above all the passion and the commitment
to maintaining or even improving the very high quality of the products.

Italian Coffee

Mammamia coffee is the result of the passion for coffee of the founding members of the brand.
Pritoni Davide one of the founding members of Mammamia coffee, is Italian and in addition to having,
like all Italians, the great passion for coffee, he comes from a long experience in the world of the tourism industry.

For 26 years Davide worked in restaurants, first in Italy where he honored his career in catering immediately after obtaining the diploma from Chef at the hotel school of Carpi in Italy.

He started to work first as a pizza chef on the weekend while attending the hotel school at the young age of 14, then moving on to work as a pastry chef and Chef, at the age of 20 he opened his first business as a young entrepreneur, Pizzeria Barbarossa, who sold after 4 years of excellent activity to move to work as Sous Chef in a prestigious restaurant in the area in which he lived.

Arrived at the age of 27, follow his dream traveling and going to live and work in Australia where he was able to study and learn English but continuing to work in the restaurants of the city where he lived.
In 2006 the great turning point of life and work came as he had always hoped. … with a long working experience behind him, Davide moved to Thailand where he immediately began his career as a Chef in the island of Koh Samui to continue after a few years as an Executive Chef in various 5-star hotels.

Throughout his restaurant career Davide has always ended up behind the bar counter to make, taste, and recommend coffees in the best way to his customers… in the end exploiting his experience in the tourism Davide has decided to export one of the most loved and known products in the world such as the Italian Coffee thus putting his passion at the disposal of his customers..
What does Davide think of coffee …?
“if you are a true coffee lover, you cannot give up at least one good Italian coffee a day .. !!!”

Caffè italiano

Why Italian coffee is one of the most loved symbols of made in Italy… !!!

Among the main questions typed about Italian coffee in
search engines is

“why is Italian coffee so good? .. !!

In fact, all the people who have been to Italy and have had the opportunity to taste it in bars or in the homes of Italian friends or relatives are wondering what makes Italian coffee better than the others…?
But even those who have never tried it are certainly intrigued by its fame and will try to find out what is the secret that makes it so loved all over the world and by everyone ..!